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Global IoT and Digital Transformation for the Oil and Gas and Energy Industry 2024

25 Sep 2024 - 27 Sep 2024 London UK

The Global IoT and Digital Transformation for the Oil and Gas and Energy Industry 2024 is an event that will showcase how digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data and cloud computing can help the oil and gas and energy sector to improve productivity, safety, security and environmental impact. The event will feature experts, practitioners and stakeholders from various industries and regions who will share their insights and experiences on how to leverage digital transformation to optimize operations, reduce costs, enhance collaboration and drive innovation. The event will also address the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition, which requires the oil and gas and energy sector to adapt to changing market dynamics, customer expectations and regulatory requirements.

Key takeaways from the summit:

  • Achieving value from digital technologies and overcoming the inertia and complexity of legacy systems.
  • Leveraging 5G and IoT to enable new capabilities such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, edge computing, and data analytics.
  • Securing data and devices from cyber-physical risks and ensuring data privacy and compliance.
  • Adopting sustainable and innovative practices to reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency.
  • Improving collaboration and communication with internal and external stakeholders across the value chain.
  • Closing the talent gap and developing digital skills and capabilities.

You will also discover how to navigate the energy transition and adapt to the changing market conditions, customer demands and regulatory frameworks. This event is the ultimate platform for oil and gas and energy professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve and prepare for the future of energy.

Join us on September 25th for workshop focusing on HSE, digital solutions and the future of construction in the oil and gas and energy industries. Don't miss out on this incredible event!